Did The ‘Haunted’ Annabelle Doll Escape From The Warren Museum? Real or Fake 2020

A piece of news is trending on the internet about the Annabelle Doll Escape from the Warren Museum! Well, last night I heard this news and I was so shocked,

About this, as anything happens in 2020, as you know?

Well I did some search and read through several articles and tweet about this news about Annabelle Doll Escape from the Warren Museum

And with all that hard work I came into the truth about this news & today, I am going to tell you about that!




Annabelle Doll Escape from the Warren Museum

Well, I know you all know about this Haunted Annabelle Doll? Well if you don’t know about this doll, Let me tell you in short

Annabelle is a real-life haunted doll preserve in Lorraine Occult Museum & the scary stories about this doll we’ve seen in conjuring series

Is really Annabelle Doll Escape from the Warren Museum? No, It’s just a piece of fake news

It came into the picture when people did a series of tweets where they were claiming about the escape of Annabelle from the museum

They were saying that year 2020 has came so dangerous because Haunted Doll has Escaped from the Warren Museum

& some people were also saying that maybe the doll was stolen by someone and some people were also saying that this haunted doll has escaped by herself

Because warrens are not there to stop her now & moreover the Warren Occult museum was not functional from 2018

Annabelle doll escape

The news went so viral even someone has edited the Wiki page where the stated that Annabelle Doll is not in the Warren Museum

And at that point, many people believed that this news is true! Well this is all about Annabelle Doll which is not true


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