[Revealed] Top 5: Best Meditation Apps for 2020 |Covid-19|


We are going to tell you about Best Meditation App. There are so many Best Meditation App out there and we should look at all this Mental Health Technology that’s out there.

If you are thinking about getting into Mindfulness Mediation, then you are probably want to do free,

A lot of  these apps are positioning themselves not just as Best Meditation App, But as Mental Health support, So today we’re gonna dive into that stuff.

We’re gonna begin with, What are in my opinion are the best, after a lot of research and self using, We came up with these five Best Meditation App. So Explore it down:




My first and top pick is the Mindful Life Project, this is the very first Mindfulness Meditation App, that I was introduced to and it’s kind of funny because after using it for a little,

While I realize that this is an App that was actually made for children but, Hey it worked and it introduced me to Mindfulness from my phone, If you’re a parent out there, the coolest thing about this App,

Because It’s made for children is that you can easily get your kids involved in it with you, They;re doing more and more research out there that shows that Introducing Mindfulness Meditation to children helps in a slew of different ways.

But, As I said that this App was made for a younger crowd, But you can definitely benefits from it. So, with this App one of my favorite things is that it has pretty much every single practice,

They have Mindful Breathing, They have Mindful Listening, They have Mindful walking and other more great things, and but I feel is If your are just starting to journey to Meditation,

This is Best Mindfulness Meditation App for beginners.



Number two on my list of free Mindfulness Meditation App, Is Headspace, I absolutely love Headspace and Headspace is probably the app that you’ve heard of this. Headspace is really very helpful and beneficial for Mental Health.

This is the App which they put a lot of marketing money behind it I think they do commercial I Know that they have ads, but its actually a really good App, Ive seen some of the advertisements,

And I don’t necessarily think that they really tell you what Mindfulness is but, The App is actually really good, now I will say this Headspace App is paid App, but they give you ten free lessons

and If you’re like me, I’ll give you a little tip you can reuse those ten lessons all you want I love love love the Headspace App, for one very particular reasons as you’re going through it,

they break it down and they do little kind of fun animated cartoons, but If you’re just getting introduced to Mindfulness,

These cartoons kind of explain What Mindfulness is, Why you’re even doing it, And It’s just amazing.This another Best Meditation App, I would love to share this with you.

3. CALM:


No. three on my list is calm. Calm is another Best Meditation App, Which I am using a while now,And let me tell you something about Calm App, This App if nothing else has saved my butt on countless occasions.

The Reason that is because, I suffer from What’s called a generalized Anxiety Disorder, Which means that my Anxiety doesn’t even really need to be triggered, so a lot of times when Anxiety comes up,

It’s Triggered by a thought or Situation or whatever the case is I have the type of Anxiety, where I could just be chilling everything’s fine and it just hits me, and one of the best part of this Calm App is

that they have a little button on there that simply just says breathe, you click that button and what it has is a circle with an animation and it guides you through breathing in and holding it and then breathing out.

And It just amazing feeling afterward believe me, So If you have something like Anxiety then this is Best Meditation App for Anxiety. Must check this too.



The App no. four on my list is Insight and I absolutely love this App for one reason and one reason only, It’s because it shows you exactly, How many people are Meditating with you at very moment that you open that App,

And I think that’s so so cool, Sometimes When I open App It’s like over 200,000 people in the whole world is meditating at the same time as you,

You can also look at people nearby and see If they are Meditating with you and It also gives you some sounds, some music and some guided meditations,

So whatever you want is basically in this App and yeah I just love that feature that you can see who exactly is meditating and you can also send messages and find your friends and you guys can like be accountability buddies.

Insight is is another Best Meditation App and make sure that you guys are meditating every day.



This is on my list no five and If you are not familiar with plum village, let me tell you It was started as a place where refugees fleeing the Vietnam War could go to heal and recover.

And that you know really comes through in the practice, It’s very much about Healing and Finding peace and Quiet Relaxation and calm and chaotic often traumatic world.

It focused on one particular Buddhist Tradition and It does such a great Job of covering all of the elements of that Tradition,

The deep relaxation, guided Meditation on the plum village App are the best by far on any App. So I must say this is the last finding, Best Meditation App, I would recommend to you guys.


So these are my five Best Meditation App, for you guys and If you have your own Apps about Meditation, Please let us know down in the comment section below. So with this, Have a Good Day.

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