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Los Angeles, September 2

Director Stephen Service provider has shared that Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson brings his personal meals to eating places for ‘regimented’ eating regimen’.

Service provider, who labored with Johnson on ‘Combating with My Household’, described the actor’s “regimented” eating regimen whereas talking to Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on SiriusXM, experiences

“I do remember having a meeting with him just in Texas just before WrestleMania and we were having a meeting about the movie and his alarm would go off at like 3:17 p.m. and he would go to the fridge and there would be turkey and rice with ‘3:17 p.m.’ written on it and he would microwave it,” Service provider recalled.

“It was so regimented. It’s extraordinary,” he added.

The director went on to say he was as soon as informed Johnson has even introduced his personal meals out to eating places.

“I think someone told me, maybe he told me, that when he goes for dinner with friends he has to take his food to the restaurant and have them heat it up because it’s such a structured diet he has to have,” he stated.

Johnson is understood to comply with strict diets and train programmes so as to preserve his ripped physique.

Nevertheless, he does partake in cheat meals each now and again.

A take a look at his cheat day:

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Johnson just lately tried In-N-Out Burger for the primary time and shared his cheat meal for “the history books.” The former WWE wrestler ordered two Double-Double cheeseburgers and two giant fries.

“A solid start with a bite of good fries,” he wrote earlier than including: “as we know s—– fries can ruin the whole experience.” He paired the meal with some tequila, in line with his put up.

Johnson revealed his motivation to maintain up his exercise routine in a YouTube video shared in February.


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