5 Shocking & Hidden Facts About India’s Independence Day | Rare Photos From 1947|

India’s Independence Day Shocking Facts. On 15th August 1947, India gained Independence as we all know from the United Kingdom

And Seven decades later, we people are still unaware of certain shocking & hidden stories that shed new colorful light on what happened at the time of Independence

There are amazing and shocking truths that add an interesting layer of detail to the stories we have heard about India Independence over the years

Today on this proud occasion of India’s Independence Day, we are going to tell you about five hidden facts about India’s Independence Day

People may think that they know everything about India’s Independence Day

But do we really are aware of hidden stories?

hidden facts about India's Independence Day



hidden facts about India's Independence Day

Mahatma Gandhi wanted the congress party to be demobilized. Congress party is one of the strong names in the political past and present in India

The Congress Party would not have remained in today’s world if at that time Mahatma Gandhi was not liquidate

Mahatma Gandhi wanted to disintegrate the congress party after the Independence, as he thinks that the INC had successfully achieved its aim and outlived it’s intend

Mahatma Gandhi on the eve of his assassination, he had already drafted a resolution about the demobilizations of congress party

hidden facts about India's Independence Day

Jawaharlal Nehru wasn’t elected as India’s first Prime Minister, Actually, the truth is Sardar Patel who won the elections with the maximum number of votes

Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t want a second place in charge. Since Mahatma Gandhi was optimistic in Nehru & his crucial skills in successfully running the nation

And that point Nehru was declared the first Prime Minister of India & the rest is history

The subsequent years saw an assertive leader who was even highlighted in Vogue Magazine for his virtuous style

hidden facts about India's Independence Day

Jammu & Kashmir would have been a part of Pakistan, It’s shocking but true. Records say that Pakistan sent a batch of the tribesmen into the state of Jammu & Kashmir to ambush and vanquish it in 1947

Lord Mountbatten also said that if at that time if Pakistan had been a little calm, the state Jammu & Kashmir would have finally gone to Pakistan

Here is the quote of Lord Mountbatten: ‘By sending its irregular troops into the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan spoiled the whole thing’

five hidden facts about India's Independence Day

The Significance of the date 15th August. You now India shares it’s Independence Day with North Korea, South Korea, Bahrain and Republic of the congo

And also 15th August was chosen as the day of Independence for India by Louis Mountbatten- The Last Viceroy of India

Louis Mountbatten chose the particular date of 15th August because it was the same date in 1945 that Japan had capitulated to the Allied Forces at the end of World War 2

five hidden facts about India's Independence Day


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