‘Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday’ To Get Big Muscles Without Weights? 2020

Are You a Prisoner looking for ‘Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday‘? Hey! Wait What are you saying? Aah! I am just kidding. Hold on for a sec

You came across this article to know about Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles or you have a question that How Do Prisoners Get Big Without Weights?

If yes, then my dear friend you are in the right place. In this article, I will share with you Exercises Prisoner’s Use To Get Big Muscles

Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles/Charles Bronson

Are you probably wondering how one can grow muscles without weight? Like there is no Equipment for Prisoner’s To-Do Gym there

Yes! You are right they are not allowed to use each & every equipment to do the workout, but they use their Body Weight To Grow The Muscles

You know that in some of the modern gym have a proper gym set up for the prisoners to keep their body fit (With Security)

Today we are going to see Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday Without Weights To Get Muscles:


We are going to see the Six Most Used Excercise By The Prisoners To Grow Their Muscles Without Weight. Are you Excited, I am hell lot Excited to know this. So let’s Start:


Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles/ Warm up


As we all know that before doing any exercises we do some 5 Minute’s Warm Up to pump our body and get ready for the session. So, the Same is the case with Prisoner’s

They Start with simple Warm-Up Exercise to get a start, Like 5 minutes for Jog or Running or Body Flexing. This is the crucial part of any exercise to get a better result

Because this simple act start the flow of your blood in the body and make you a little warm so you can start your Workout

And It’s Jail so you have to be fast with your every action because 24/7 guards are looking for your activities & they notice each and everything about you

So, You really need to be fast (Talking about people in Jail not about). As you are at the home You can use this Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday to make the body fit


Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles/ Wide Grip Pull-Ups

As the name suggests ‘Jail Pull-Ups’ doesn’t mean that you only can do this in jail. This is just a simple name, Pull-ups are going to be the same in all the Universe (You can check)

Pull-Ups works for out shoulders and Back mainly. Have you observed any Prisoner’s Shoulders? I have seen, It was big & muscular because they do these free exercise more

Just Hang on the plane straight and start moving your body by your hands up till your chest (Is it hard?) Try to hold this position for one sec. This is an amazing Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday to do

Don’t Try to do Pull-ups in a rush manner. I have seen people do pull up in a rush because they wanted to do another exercise, No. It’s Wrong!

TARGET AREA   Shoulders & Back

SETS TO DO – 4 Sets Of 10 Rep Each


Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles/squats

‘Squats’ are the most effective Exercise for Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday. And this exercise also doesn’t require any special equipment to do to get the most out of this Exercise

Squats are a very simple and most Amazing Exercise To Do For Legs as we all know. So, How to start doing Squats?

Stand straight with your body, try to go down with your upper body straight & fine (You can see the above-mentioned pictures to get an Idea)

As I told you to hold this Lower position for about sec to get more out of it and also don’t try to rush this exercise. Just make smooth & Slow for better result

TARGET AREA – Leg’s & Thighs

SETS TO DO – 4 Sets Of 10 Reps Each



Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles/ Abs Exercise

Another most used exercise to do in Jail? Yes, You are right! Our third Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday To Do At Home

‘Abs Exercise’ is other Easy to exercise and also very Effective Exercise For Your Core to do At Home, Jail, Hotel anywhere in this world

Lay down on your Yoga Mats, Lay down straight nice & there is no special guidance you need to do this exercise you can easily starting doing this by just looking at the above-mentioned picture

Lay down, Come in the position to do the exercise, start pushing your body toward your knees (Try to hold this position for 2 sec)

And Yaa you are done with your Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday. Isn’t it simple?

TARGET AREA – Core & Abs

SETS TO DO – 4 Sets Of 10 Reps Each



Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday To Get Big Muscles/Step Ups

This one of the most Favorite Exercise Of Charles Bronson’s (Famous Prisoner) to do every day like 1000’s a day. This exercise mainly focuses on your Hamstrings, Quads & Glutes

Another Famous Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday To Get your legs in shape. This is also simple and easy to do exercise (You just need a tool or thing to set up)

As you can see in the picture shown above, Stand straight and Set onto the object in front of you (Tool as I told you)

Isn’t it simple to do exercise? Yeah, you are doing it well. While doing this exercise you just need to focus on the tension at your Hamstrings, Quads & Glutes

This exercise work wonders for your Legs to get in shape. Try to do this at least 100 a day for better results

TARGET AREA – Hamstrings, Quads & Glutes

SETS TO DO – 4 Sets Of 50 Reps Each


Prisoner's Workout Plan Everyday/Band Pull Aparts

‘Band Pull’ is mine one of the most favorite Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday to get muscles without any special types of equipment needed (You just need a resistance band to perform this exercise)

Using Resistance Band you can do Biceps, Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Deltoid, and many other exercises at home with just this simple Resistance Band

Stand straight and hold the Resistance Band with your hand in front chest height, Now Squeeze the band and your Shoulders blades at the same time

Just like that, you can perform other exercises also with this Resistance Band. Isn’t it easy to do exercise for you?

While Squeezing to the fullest (Try to hold for 2 sec to create for additional tension) and trust me this work wonders for your muscle strength and growth at the same time

TARGET AREA – Biceps, Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Deltoid, and many other

SETS TO DO – 4 Sets Of 15 Reps Each

SOURCE: (All The Pictures Are Used From MANOFMANY.COM)

So, These are some of the Prisoner’s Workout Plan Everyday Exercise or You Can Call Cell Workout Plan to do & I know these are easy to perform exercise but these are the most effective exercise you can do to build your muscles & Strength

Make sure you take a second and share with us your favorite Cell Workout Routine or Jail House Strong Workout to perform & If you like this also Share this information with your Friends and Family!


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