10 Thing’s You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump 2020

Thing’s You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump the real estate tycoon. As we all are aware that Donald Trump was dominating the real estate business landscape since the early 1970s

From leaving his fingerprints on the real estate business Trump is now the President of the United States

Today we are going to share with you some Interesting Facts About Donald Trump. Here are the Thing’s You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump:


We all know that Donald Trump is not an Actor or Movie star (more than that), Donald Trump is one of the few personalities to ever win a Razzie award for a cameo appearance in a movie

The movie was ‘Ghost Can’t Do It’ taking home the famous award in 1990

You may wonder but the Razzie award is? Right, It’s like oscar for worts movies of the year!

Thing's You Didn't Know About Donald Trump

The famous Trump brand is all around the globe with many industries including Hospitality, Real Estate, Entertainment, Restaurants, Mortgages, Catering, Ice cream, etc

We all know that Donald Trump won the elections in 2015, But you know that he only presidential candidate with his own board game named ‘Trump The Game’ Isn’t it Interesting?

Donald Trump was an active member of the ‘Birther Movement’ that asked about the president birthplace, He even sends some investigators to Obama’s Native Hawaii


Thing's You Didn't Know About Donald Trump

In 2013 comedian named ‘Bill Maher’ in his joke accused Donald Trump of being the son of a monkey (I am laughing as I am writing this because he is now the President)

Comedian joked this because at that time Trump was so obsessed by Obama’s Birth certificate

Are you loving reading these Thing’s You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump?

You know that Trump sued against New York Times Author Timothy O’Bryan because the author miscalculated his net worth in a book which published in 2006

From the Book Trump, Net Worth is between (150 to 250 Million Dollars) but against this claim by New York Times Trump said that he was worth in Billions

Thing's You Didn't Know About Donald Trump

This is so freaking cool, You know that Donald Trump has owned the Universe Organization since 1996 ( He is so good at his business)

And this organization also produces both Miss USA & Miss Teen USA Pageants across the country

Donald Trump is also an Author. He Written over 50 books, His first book was ‘The Art Of Deal’ was published in 1987

& Donald Trump claimed that ‘The Art Of Deal’ is one of the best selling business books of all time


Well, these are some Thing’s You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump, I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it and If yes, please make sure to share it with your family and friends!

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