Warning: Excess Protein is Hazardous to Your Health and Fitness!

Wait a minute! We all know that fats and ldl cholesterol are hazardous to our well being. You imply to inform me that an excessive amount of protein can also be hazardous to our well being?

Sure, completely! That’s precisely what I’m saying. I do know that this may increasingly come as an entire shock to you, however the reality is that many consultants assume that an excessive amount of protein, significantly animal protein, is hazardous to your well being!

If an individual consumes over 15% protein in his weight-reduction plan (beef sometimes has 26% protein – the remaining is fats – and hen has 61% protein – the remaining is fats), then the physique should do away with that protein.

In different phrases, the physique shops little or no protein. Sure organs are liable for eliminating the protein–namely the kidneys and liver. The extra protein we eat, the more durable the kidneys and liver must work to excrete the protein. The results of overuse of those organs is obvious–premature put on and tear.

Most Individuals eat an over-abundance of animal protein from their meals daily, after which they load themselves up much more with protein powders and drinks and bars. We’re protein loopy on this nation! And it’s to our demise, to not our profit.

So together with the wear and tear and tear of the kidneys and the liver which is unhealthy sufficient, why else is extra animal protein hazardous to your well being?

Excess protein makes the physique extra acidic, and these acids accumulate within the joints inflicting arthritis and gout.

Animal protein is tough to digest so it’s exhausting on the digestive system inflicting digestive issues.

Animal protein is strongly related to coronary heart illness; no, not simply the fats and ldl cholesterol, but additionally the animal protein itself.

Animal protein is related to many sorts of cancers, reminiscent of breast most cancers, prostate most cancers, colon most cancers, and pancreatic most cancers.

In an enormous research carried out in China by T. Colin Campbell, PhD., it was discovered that the teams of people that ate essentially the most animal protein had, by far, essentially the most coronary heart illness and sure cancers. And the quantity of animal protein didn’t must go up very excessive to ensure that the illness numbers to go up additionally.

And since the animal protein makes the physique extra acidic, the physique has to neutralize the acid. It does so by pulling calcium out of the bones, after which we pee out the calcium.

Why is that this vital?

It’s believed that animal protein simply occurs to be one of many main contributors to osteoporosis on this nation. This extra protein leaches the calcium out of our bones.

So probably the greatest issues you are able to do for your self is to chop again, means again, in your consumption of meat protein and protein artificially loaded into different meals and pseudo-foods. Actually, your greatest guess for optimum well being and health is to fully eradicate animal sources of protein.

Load up on plant meals and get away from animal products–it simply is smart!

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