What We Learned About ‘What Really Happened to Richard Simmons’ on Fox

Health legend Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen in public since February 2014. His notable absence has turn into the topic of the Lacking Richard Simmons podcast, and now the TMZ documentary What Really Happened to Richard Simmons, which premiered August 22 on Fox. Fellow health star Suzanne Somers, author Bruce Vilanch, Dr. Phil, and extra had been interviewed for the 45-minute documentary, which claims to have discovered the reality about Simmons’ whereabouts.

Nearly all of the documentary analyzes Simmons’ previous interviews, combing via footage from the height of his fame — conventions, TV appearances, fan interactions in public, the works. A lot of what the documentary broke down was data Simmons publicly shared. The doc makes use of these clips to determine the distinguishable distinction between his public persona and personal life. Simmons’ interviews detailed the bullying he suffered in his childhood, his relationship with meals (together with disordered consuming that led to him dropping 137 kilos, however he practically died within the course of), and the emotional accountability he felt to his supporters.

The strain of being an uplifting determine for thus many individuals in public made him turn into a recluse in non-public. His public life was extremely draining, given his model of positivity and excessive vitality. And having struggled with emotions about his physique picture his entire life, his insecurities — paired together with his place as a public determine motivating folks to shed weight — made him really feel personally accountable for his followers’ emotions. After they didn’t “succeed” (by their very own and Simmons’ definitions), he felt like a failure.

Conserving an especially non-public residence life appears to have been his coping method, however it did result in some loneliness, and Somers believes his insecurities intensified over time.

“If you put yourself out there as something perfect, you’ll never succeed for a continued time, because you’ll keep revealing what’s not operating at optimum on you or in you,” she stated. “I think it was in his head; I think it was emotional, that he wasn’t enough.”

Somers additionally shared the final interplay she had together with her good friend within the doc.

“One night I was on the Larry King Show and he was either going to be a guest or supposed to be a guest, and I heard through the Larry King people that he didn’t want to be on the show with me,” Somers detailed. “I said, ‘Why?’ and he said, ‘She’ll make fun of me.’ And that’s not my style, I never make fun of anybody. But that’s when I realized a little insecurity has gotten in there. I liked him. I was always so surprised when he thought I’d make fun of him. But doesn’t that show you he’s got a heartache? Something’s broken inside because he did it. He had it and then let it go.”

In the end, the documentary lands on the conclusion that Simmons left the general public eye due to a double knee alternative that affected his capability to train and his want to retire. After a lifetime within the highlight, it’s pure that ghosting the general public would trigger confusion and lift questions. However Dr. Phil stated Simmons’ sudden disappearance aligns together with his character, saying that folks with “extreme personalities” like his are likely to make “extreme changes.”

A TMZ govt producer additionally revealed that he spoke with an LAPD officer who has been involved with Simmons lately. That officer, who remained nameless, stated that Simmons “didn’t want to be remembered as this frail guy. He wanted to be remembered as a guy that millions of people loved and watched. And that’s why he disappeared.” Vilanch stated Simmons was like Greta Garbo in that means, who retired at 45 and lived 50 extra years after that.

“The Richard who has vanished is more authentically himself than the loud, sometimes crazy persona that he created,” it’s stated close to the tip of the doc. “Richard himself has said over the years that at his core, he’s a loner, quiet person who’s more at peace alone.”

TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons, Streaming Now, Fox

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