Who Is Corlys Velaryon in House of the Dragon? The Sea Snake, Explained.

If Recreation of Thrones has taught us something, it’s to by no means underestimate anybody near the throne. For House of the Dragon, viewers ought to pay shut consideration to Corlys Velaryon (performed by Steve Toussaint)–AKA “The Sea Snake”–the rich seafarer who sits on King Viserys I’s council, and husband to Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

In a short flashback from Episode 1, Rhaenys is handed over for the throne, and as an alternative Viserys is chosen to steer Westeros. Though she seems to take it gracefully, Hearth & Blood, which the sequence is predicated on, reveals Rhaenys and her husband Corlys aren’t completed vying for the throne simply but.

Corlys is the lord of the House of Velaryon. The household guidelines Driftmark, the biggest island in Blackwater Bay. They’re additionally identified for his or her spectacular naval military. All through historical past, they’ve been shut allies with the Targaryens. In Recreation of Thrones, the Velaryons are largely within the background, and function fierce supporters of Stannis Baratheon, whose brother, King Robert Baratheon, bequeaths Stannis Dragonstone, the citadel in Blackwater Bay.

Corlys instructions Westeros’ largest navy.

Earlier than gaining his seat on Viserys I’s council, Corlys sailed throughout Westeros. His exploits have been intensive, and he gained his alias The Sea Snake when he constructed his personal ship, aptly named Sea Snake. Finally he additionally grew to become knighted and married Rhaenys. Across the similar time Rhaenys grew to become pregnant with their first youngster, King Jaehaerys I introduced his new inheritor can be Baelon (Viserys’ father), passing over Rhaenys for the throne for the primary time. Corlys was enraged by this slight, notably leaving the king’s council. Though Corlys was not capable of be placed on the throne (solely blood-related Targaryens can be an possibility), he nonetheless yearned for the prospect to enhance his household’s standing.

The second time Rhaenys just isn’t named queen is seen in Episode 1 of House of the Dragon, after Baelon dies. By then, Corlys and Rhaenys even have two kids–one lady named Laena and one boy named Laenor. This succession involves a vote among the many numerous lords of Westeros. Though he makes use of his Money and affect, Corlys isn’t capable of have Laenor named inheritor, and as an alternative the title goes to Viserys.

With out spoiling an excessive amount of of what’s to return, it’s necessary to know Corlys wields a powerful affect over the lords of Westeros on account of his combating prowess, wealth, and the way shut he’s to the crown. With two kids he can wed to highly effective allies and a military at his disposal, he’ll be an attractive supporter on House of the Dragon for Daemon or Rhaenaerys, the 2 folks most probably to be named Westeros’ subsequent ruler.

His daughter, Laena, can be necessary in House of the Dragon.

Laena is one other member of Corlys’ household who performs an integral half within the battle over who Viserys’ inheritor might be. After Aemma, Viserys’ spouse, dies in childbirth, Corlys sees a possibility for Laena to marry Viserys. Alicent Hightower although, Rhaenaerys’ greatest good friend, positive aspects Viserys’ belief shortly and is finally the one he chooses to marry.

Nonetheless, that’s not the top of Corlys’ objective to wed her to a strong particular person. Laena will present up once more in House of the Dragon, and can acquire the favor of one other main participant within the battle for the crown.

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