WWE Superstar Randy Orton Fitness Secret, Diet Plan and Gym Routine

Randal Keith Orton is a professional wrestler from Tennessee. He is one of the best wrestlers of all time, and he is currently working in WWE. Orton comes from a family of wrestlers. From his grandfather, father & uncle, all were professional wrestlers.

Orton made his first debut in 2000, and after this debut, he won his first Intercontinental Championship. He is also known by the name of “The Legend Killer.” At the age of 24, the legend killer became the youngest Champion who won the world heavyweight championship.

Orton has won 8 times WWE Champ, and he is also a three-time winner in Heavyweight champ. He also featured in action movies like The condemned 2 and 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded.

He is pretty active in social media, and he has millions of followers on Instagram. Most of his fans want to know the secret behind those packs. This article will discuss Randy Orton’s diet and workout and some of the tips that need to be followed if you want an incredible physique.


The secret of Randy Orton fitness


Orton believes following a proper diet; one can get a dream body. The workout is necessary, but diet is more crucial. He follows a diet which has high protein & low carbohydrate. He manages to consume 250g of protein daily.

To do so, he takes protein and protein shakes on a daily basis.

With a proper workout and consuming the right amount of food, one can get a healthy and fit body. Whatever may be the situation, always try to follow the diet plan.


Athletic details on Randy Orton

  • Randy Orton height: 1.96 m (6′ 5″)
  • Randy Orton weight: 250 lbs (110 kg)
  • Chest: 46″
  • Waist: 32.”
  • Age: 40 years
  • Date of Birth: April 1, 1980


Randy Orton Accomplishment

  • Randy Orton was a four-time winner in World Heavyweight Champion
  • Randy Orton is a one time winner in WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • A nine-time winner in WWE Championship
  • Won the United States Championship
  • Won the World Tag team Championship


How did Randy Orton’s fitness journey begin?

Randy Orton’s father was a professional wrestler. His father warned that he shouldn’t follow on his step and stay away from this business; after that, Orton attended Hazelwood Central high school. And then he opted for marines. At the marine base, he got a bad conduct discharge in 1999. After that incident, he was convicted to court for a particular trial.

In 2000 Orton made his wrestling debut in St Louis Wrestling debut. In 2001 he signed a deal in WWE. He was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for training there. He won OVW Hardcore Championship by defeating Mr. Black.

He made his debut in WWF on March 16, 2002. To remain in shape, he follows the proper diet from that day onwards.


What is Randy Orton currently doing?

Randy Orton is a wrestler by profession. He is one of the legendary wrestlers of all time. He is also gone by the name of “The Legend Killer.” Currently, he is with WWE, where he mainly performs in Raw Brand.

Other than wrestling, he is a social media influencer. He thought that Instagram is an excellent way to earn some bucks, and it also helps him share some fitness and health tips with his fan. He has around 6 Million followers on Instagram.


Randy Orton in his Early Life

Randy Orton was born in Tennessee. He comes from a wrestling family. He is the legendary wrestler Bob Orton Jr. Randy Orton’s parents tried to keep Orton away from professional wrestling.

Orton attended Hazelwood Central High School in Tennessee. After graduating, he went for marines, but there he received a bad conduct discharge. Due to this, he had to go through a trial in court.


Professional Life of Randy Orton


Early career in wrestling

After that incident, Orton decided to pursue a wrestling career. He joined St. Louis Wrestling Club their he was trained by his father. There he used to perform with professionals like Phil e. Blunt and many more.

In 2001 Orton signed a bond with WWE. There he was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for training. There he won the OVW Hardcore championship at the age of 24. After, that he was constantly made an appearance in house shows and dark matches.


How Randy Orton Became the youngest Champion

In early 2004 Orton began to participate in World Heavyweight Championship. In the end, Orton defeated Chris Benoit and made a record of becoming the youngest world champion in history.


Randy Orton career in WWE

In 2007 Randy Orton defeated Triple H in the last man standing match in the WWE tournament. In September 2008, he formed a stable with wrestlers like Ted Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes, which came to be known by the name of Legacy. The trio had a massive feud with the McMahon family.

That year Viper won the Rumble, but he was unable to win the WWE championship. But Randy redeemed himself by winning the title from his mentor. After that, he traded that title with Batista and Cena. When WrestleMania 26 came, he defeated his colleagues Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes in the match.

In 2010 Randy Orton won his sixth WWE championship by defeating Chris Jericho, Sheamus, John Cena, Wade Barrett, and Edge.

In 2013 Randy Orton returned to Summerslam, where he cashed in some money in a Bank contract on Bryan to win the Championship.

In WrestleMania, Orton walked into the ring wearing the most prestigious belt in the wrestling world. But unfortunately, the belt went to Daniel Bryan.

In 2016 Randy Orton got involved with the Wyatt family. Orton thought of challenging for Eater of Worlds in WrestleMania 33. On March 11, 2018, he won the United States Championship.


How he got the name “The Legend Killer”?

Orton made his first debut on March 16, 2002. Orton’s first television debut was April 25, 2002, where he won the match against Hardcore Holly. In September, he became part of Raw Brand. During that, Orton suffered from severe injuries.

After recovering from the injuries, Orton decides to join Evolution stable. In 2003 he befriended Triple H and helped him to overcome heavyweight championship challenges. Orton was called as “Legend King” because of his wrestling skills. Most of the people proclaimed him as the future of wrestling. With the help of his friend Ric Flair he also defeated Shawn Michaels.


Routine and Diet schedule of Randy Exercise

Orton believes that taking proper food is one of the necessary factors to have a fit body. Randy follows a diet that has high protein & low carbohydrate. He follows a clever dietary plan where he categorizes food into groups.

He always manages to consume 250g of protein daily. To consume a sufficient amount of protein, he takes protein bars & protein shakes. He always avoids carbs after 8:00 pm, and he takes carbs in the form of pancakes and potatoes.

To consume a sufficient amount of protein, he takes fish, chicken, and cottage cheese as an important meal. One needs to consume an adequate amount of water to remain hydrated. And lastly, he never consumes junk food. This is the secret behind those fantastic biceps.


Food Habits one needs to maintain, according to Randy Orton

  • Egg Whites
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Protein bars
  • Protein Shakes
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Oatmeal
  • Rice Cakes
  • Vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Brown Rice
  • Water

What not to eat, according to Randy Orton

  • Junk Food
  • Added Sugar
  • Soft Drinks
  • Refined Foods
  • Fried Food
  • Fast food
  • Processed food


Randy Orton tips on workout

  • Orton constantly changes his workout routine in three weeks so that his body can get used to it.
  • Orton uses intense training called blood flow restriction for that training; he uses straps to reduce the flow of blood, which ultimately results in making muscle work harder.
  • Randy works four days a week for 2 hours.
  • Orton does each exercise for 3 to 5 sets. And the first exercise is a warm-up exercise.


Gym Routine of Randy Orton

Orton loves to workout in a gym. He trains for four days a week to stay in shape. Other than consuming the right amount of food, he always priorities his fitness schedule.


First Day (Training for Shoulders)

  • Front Laterals (3sets) (15 reps)
  • Rear Laterals (3 sets) (15 reps)
  • Side Laterals (3 sets) (15 reps)
  • Arnold Presses (3sets) (15 reps)
  • Upright Rows (3 sets) (8 to 15 reps)


Second Day (Training for Chest)

  • 100 Push-Ups
  • Incline Barbell Bench Presses (3 sets) (20 reps)
  • DB Bench Presses (4 Sets) (5 to 6 reps)
  • Flat Bench Presses (4 Sets) (10 to 12 reps)
  • Cable Crossovers (3 sets) (12 to 15 reps)


Third-Day (Training for Triceps & Biceps)

  • Pushdowns (3 sets) (20 reps)
  • Close Grip Pushdown (3 sets) (20 reps)
  • French Curls (3 sets) (12 reps)
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions (3 sets) (15 reps)
  • Alternating DB curls (3 sets) (8 to 10 reps)
  • Alternating DB Hammer Curls (3 sets) (5 reps)
  • Cable curls (3 sets) (8 reps)
  • Barbell Curls (3 sets) (8 reps)


Fourth Day (Training for Back)

  • Pulldowns (3 sets) (20 reps)
  • Pull-Ups (1 set)
  • Lower Back Extension (3 sets) (12 reps)
  • T – Bar Rows (3 sets) (12 reps)
  • Bent Over Rows (3 sets) (20 reps)


Fifth Day (Training for Legs)

  • Thigh Extension (4 sets) (15 to 20 reps)
  • Free Squats (100)
  • Straight Leg Deadlifts (4 sets) (10 reps)
  • Calf Raises (10 sets) (10 to 15 reps)
  • Lunges (10 sets) (10 to 15 reps)


Saturday and Sunday is the resting period for Randy Orton. Resting is equally important as training as its help to retain energy and heal the body.


Randy Orton’s Diet Plan

Orton consumes a huge amount of protein on a daily basis. Every once in a while, he will eat his favorite food as it helps to remain motivated. He loves to eat Sushi & Ice cream every once in a while. One needs to eat this food daily to get a body like Randy Orton. He eats around six meals a day. Let’s dive into the Randy Orton diet schedule.

1st Meal: 6 cups of egg whites, three whole eggs, 1 cup of Oatmeal, and a protein bar or shake

2nd Meal: 2 chicken breast, two scoops of Whey Protein, and 100g of brown rice.

3rd Meal: BAA, Tuna fish, 1 cup of brown rice, grilled chicken

4th Meal: Banana, 7 ounces of Salmon, salad

5th Meal: 2 cups of pasta, turkey

6th Meal: Cottage Cheese, steam asparagus

Orton consumes the diet mentioned above daily to maintain his fit body. Randy will eat 250 grams of protein each day.


Does Randy Orton take an energy supplement?

Other than taking a protein supplement, Orton never mentioned other energy supplements. One can take this supplement which will be good if you’re following Randy Orton’s diet & exercise plan.

  • Protein Shakes/Bar
  • Glut Amine Acid
  • Dextrose
  • Nitro Shred
  • BCAA


Randy Orton Net worth

Randy Orton is a famous WWE wrestler. His significant earning is through the wrestling profession. Last two year was hectic for Orton. Initially, he had a net worth of $15 Million, but his estimated amount stands at $11 Million early. Other than his earning, he has a house worth $1,255,000. Other than pursuing wrestling, he is a social media influencer and a great actor.


Earnings of Randy Orton

Orton’s current estimated salary is around $1.1million. But Randy earns his money through merchandise sales. Other than this, he earns money through acting. Randy has featured in movies like The condemned 2, 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, and many more.

Even though his net worth got reduced due to various reasons, he still manages to remain at the top of the list of WWE wrestlers.


Randy Orton personal life

Orton was married to Samantha Speno. Both of them have one daughter named Alanna Marie Orton. Later on, they got divorced in 2013. In 2015 he married Kimberly Kessler. Altogether, the couple has three sons and two daughters.

Full Name Randal Keith Orton
Age 40
Salary $1.1million
Net Worth $11 million
Main Source of Income wrestling
Randy Orton’s Daughter Alanna Marie Orton, Brooklyn Orton
Randy Orton wife Kimberly Kessler


Randy Orton Injury Details

Recently Randy Orton suffered from a severe injury. During a match with Triple H, Alexa Bliss shot a fireball on Randy Orton’s eyes. Because of that, he suffered from minor burns. The burn was not that severe, and he will recover soon.


How to build a body like Randy Orton?

To get a body like Randy Orton, one needs to follow a diet plan properly. Other than a diet plan, one needs to consume the energy mentioned above supplements. One needs to consume energy supplements if you’re persistent about getting a body like Randy Orton.

One needs to maintain a proper diet schedule and need to do intense fitness training. With the help of these energy supplements, one can quickly get a healthy, fit body.

Here is the list of some of the protein and other supplements to build up an incredible physique. One thing to be noted before opting for these supplements one should consult his trainer or doctor.


Orgain Organic Plant Protein Powder for Pre or Post Workouts


Link- https://www.amazon.com/Orgain-Organic-Protein-Powder-Chocolate/dp/B00J074W94


This Lactose-free organic protein powder is one of the great protein supplements one can think of. This protein powder contains 6gram of dietary fiber, a low amount of carbs, and o grams of sugar. In each serving, this protein powder provides 150g of calories.

One can use this protein shake in breakfast or can consume it as a snack. This protein powder is suitable for men, women, and children. One can use this protein powder as an energy booster.


Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein for Builders


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Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein is one of the best whey proteins. This Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein contains 24 grams of isolated whey protein and good quality Whey peptides, helping in muscle growth. It also contains BCAAS, which helps in building strong muscles. Overall, this Whey Protein includes 3 to 4 grams of carbs and 1 to 1.5 grams of fat.

It provides a shake with good consistency because it prevents lumps in a shake. It contains the highest quality whey protein in the product. One should drink this shake after exercise or between each meal. One should opt for this Whey Protein as it is one of the best Whey Protein ones can think of.


Now Supplements contain L-Glutamine 500mg


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Amino acids are one of the most crucial elements in our body. Glutamine is also an essential element in the body. Glutamine helps in healing the body and also helps in synthesizing amino acids in the body. Consuming daily will help you to get a good amount of amino acids in the body.


Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Capsules for Muscle Recovery


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In 2 capsules, one gets 1000mg of Glutamine which allows the muscles to recover faster. It helps in muscle development. We all know that intense exercise reduces glutamine levels in the body. Each capsule provides 1gram of pure L glutamine in a body. One can use these capsules before an intense workout or before going to bed. The best part of consuming these capsules is one can get a fully healed body as it helps in muscle recovery.


Now Food Dextrose for Energy Source


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Dextrose is one of the most straightforward carbohydrates which easily digested by the human body. This thing can be used as an alternative sweetener. Dextrose is one of the primary sources of energy for all living beings. This thing is made from non – GMO corn, and one can easily digest this dextrose sweetener. One can use it as a replacement for sugar. It doesn’t have added flavor and odor. One should go for this dextrose supplement instead of natural sugar.


NITROSURGE Shred Supplements for Pre Workout and Energy Booster


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This Pre-workout powder helps in the strength building of a body. This powder is helpful for those who are willing to perform their best in a workout. This powder will help you to build a good physique without harming the well build muscle mass.

If you consume this, you can experience various things during an intense workout. One can feel something like extreme blood flow, having a tremendous amount of stamina, and many more. Other than this, it also helps to increase the NO level in a body. This doesn’t contain artificial flavor and filters. One should opt for this pre-workout product for the ultimate result.

Xtend BCAA Powder for Post Workout Muscle Recovery


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It is one of the world’s no one brand. It contains zero sugar and zero calories, and a low amount of carbs. It helps in muscle building and recovery. One should use this BCAA powder during and after an intense workout.

Adding electrolytes to the solution will help you to remain hydrated. Most world-class athletes and wrestlers use this after each workout. Having this product will be very helpful for your gym session.




Q: Was Randy Orton in Marine?

A: In 1998 Orton was in Marine Corps. But due to foul conduct discharge on disobeying his senior officer, he had to go through a trial.


Q: Does Orton have any sons?

A: No, Orton does not have any sons. He has only two daughters Alanna Marie Orton and Brooklyn Orton.


Q: What is the finishing move of Orton?

A: The name knows his finishing move of RKO. It is like a jumping cutter.


Q: What is the complete form of RKO?

A: RKO stands for Randal Keith Orton. His move is named after his name.


Q: Where does Randy Orton belong, SmackDown or Raw?

A: Randy Orton performs under SmackDown Brand.


Q: Does Randy Orton take energy supplements?

A: Yes, Randy Orton takes protein supplements to maintain his protein consumption.


Final Thoughts on Diet and Exercise of Randy Orton


Randy Orton is one of the youngest people who win a WWE championship. His physique and his wrestling tactics help him to become a pro wrestler like John Cena. In his wrestling, he had to go through various ups and downs. But he never gave up and always tried to maintain his body by following a proper diet and workout routine.

In this article, we wanted to provide you various details on Randy Orton’s life. Always try to remember one thing what possible reason it could be one should always stick with his diet routine. Eating a proper meal at a particular time will help you to achieve your dream body. We hope you find this helpful article enough.

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